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CIGA DESIGN J Series Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Watch- Timepiece Zen in White and Black, Self Winding Gift for Men

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Experience the embodiment of flowing time & Zen aesthetic upon your wrist

How does one achieve inner calmness and tranquility?

What does it mean to authentically experience the flowing passage of time? 

 CIGA Design J Series is

  • Exclusively designed to enhance the experience of flowing time, meditation, and Zen.
  • Inspired by Karesansui gardens and forged from meticulous Japanese mechanics and innovative design philosophy.
  • Imbued with distinctive consideration for the beauty found in symmetry, purity, and mechanical refinement. 

CIGA J Series consists of three layers which can be interpreted in many ways, each one making us feel at peace and with greater purpose through the course of time.

One possible interpretation parallels the layers with levels of consciousness. The solid outer layer represents all that is present in our physical reality. The semi-transparent middle layer represents the inner world of the mind and subconscious – where our thoughts, feelings, and identity exist. The fully transparent center layer represents the essential core of existence - all that we are and our ever-present connection to the universe.

The hollow inner layer bears witness to the incredible mechanisms within the timepiece, further guiding us to embrace and feel at one with the passage of time.

CIGA Design J Series is a Chinese-Japanese co-creation – its design is inspired by shared traditional Karesansui and Zen aesthetics. From our passion for seeking tranquility and Zen, we have continually researched and iterated upon our J Series timepiece to carry the aura and presentation of a Karesansui garden.

The term Karesansui means ‘Dry Landscape’ or ‘Dry Mountains and Water.’ In a Zen garden, Water is represented by sand, and Mountains are represented by stone. Karesansui is often used by Japanese monks to aid in meditation, as these still elements are believed to have a calming effect which allows for separation from distractions in order to focus one’s energy.   

The lines in the sand of a Karesansui inspired the design of the J Series strap. It subtly expresses the modesty, yet ethereality of Zen. Fashioned from FDA-approved elastic material – the Karesansui strap is sweatproof and kind to the skin. What's more, it has a quick-change function, easy to change to your other straps.

CIGA Design J Series features original, cutting-edge mechanics and visual presentation that brings wonder and enchantment to time-telling. The three clock hands cross in a countless number of permutations to form various captivating visual effects.

The long minute and second hands are equal in length and span across the entire dial. Together, they cross at varying times to form different visual patterns and symmetrical X-shapes that are a joy to behold and are highly recognizable at a glance.

The red hour hand is a representation of ‘I’ – it is symbolic of the individual’s presence in the external world, while simultaneously pursuing deeper internal meaning. The ‘I’ hand floats gracefully above the core layer of CIGA Design J Series, completely in tune with its essential self.  

Our J Series timepiece features an original dial design that includes 120 fine lines, with an angle width of just 0.3mm.

It defies the conventional look with an intricate, yet simple visage. Its time-telling mechanics are meticulously precise, and yet feel in harmony with the flow of time and nature.

CIGA Design J Series is equipped with a custom Japanese CITIZEN MIYOTA Movement. Never stopping, never dull — it moves at a frequency of 21,600 times/hour. 21 jewels  improve energy storage to 42 hours.


 Choose your color, white or black?  

We have a 2-years warranty period. If there any issues with the product, you can send a service request to with the receipt, serial number, detailed description of the problem, and a photo or video attached. We will repair or replace the unit if the mechanism or workmanship is found to be defective or malfunction. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, accident, misuse, and improper storage.

CIGA Design is committed to creating simple and innovative designs that define watches as a designer item. We aspire to authentically express the perspective of the wearer through sophisticated and refined attire.

The CIGA Design team has acquired over 40 patents and a diverse array of design awards over the past seven years, including: 

  • 2 x iF awards
  • 3 x German design awards
  • 8 x Red Dot awards
  • Red Dot Best of the Best Awards
  • iF Gold Award
  • Top 10 Design Studios

Our fastidious work ethic and dedication to innovation in design made our 2019 CIGA Design Z Series campaign a major success with more than 8,500 backers.

Thanks to your support, we are able to continually create innovative timepieces that help people express who they are. We hope you will agree that CIGA Design J Series is a worthy addition to your portfolio of top quality products. 

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