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CIGA Design Z Series Automatic Mechanical Watch (Stainless Steel) For Men Movement New

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Man has always been fascinated by how things work, especially regarding the beauty of complex engines and complicated mechanisms

Rather than conceal the inner workings behind a characterless exterior, we believe it’s time to bring things out into the open. 

To see the precise and beautiful mechanics of a watch at work.

 This is the watch with nothing to hide. 

sophisticated transparent fully automatic timepiece made from 316L fine steel and Sapphire Crystal that affords its wearer and those around him a chance to marvel at its inner workings and inherent strength.

 Containing the precise mechanics is a shell of Grade 1 316L fine steel, one of the strongest and most distinctive metals.

It has unparalleled corrosion resistance —the current standard for watchmakers.

 Wear it all the time.

316L fine steel is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and is widely used in medical, jewelry and other manufacturing industries. 

 The Seagull AAA automatic self-winding mechanics keeps your watch charged without the need of batteries. The natural movement of your wrist literally energizes your watch and makes its wheels and gears move. As you move, a spring winds, storing energy for up to 40 hours. No manual winding required!  


 Smooth, curvaceous and incredibly strong, just like you need your watch to be. The glass face is fashioned from 1.2mm hyperboloid artificial sapphire for ultimate scratch resistance.

Only diamond is stronger.


 Splashes and rain won’t stop the time. CIGA is water resistant to 3 ATM waterproofing standards.

 Curious about how the intricacy of watch works inside out? Our fully hollow design allows you to see through every part of the mechanics. Giving you the ownership to admire the craftsmanship of the watch at a deeper level. Through our watches, we want you to see, feel and own the watch at work on your wrist.


 Customized SEAGULL AAA-Class movement ST2553JK

• Energy storage of 40 hours

• Movement frequency of 21,600 times/hour

• Movement error range: -15 to +30 seconds/ 24 hours

SEAGULL is one of the largest manufactures for movements. The brand is known for its advanced technology and precision. CIGA Design is proud to own a customized version for the watches.

 The strap is every bit as important as the watch face in terms of expressing who you are. 

For the most discerning and for special occasions, a high-quality Italian Leather strap brings out the highlights in the 316L fine steel watch body.

For everyday use, easily switch out the strap with a lock-tite spring bar, for the included 3D food-grade Silicone, that is FDA-approved and assures you endless comfort and practicality.





beautiful work of art that is worthy to be worn, deserves a home of equal grandeur.

This timepiece is designed by world-class artists and watchmakers, to represent true sincerity and openness. As you wear this watch and listen to the mechanical heartbeat, you will admire the superb craftsmanship, and feel the intricacy of CIGA DesiJust like our transparent watch’s mechanics, we want you to see who we are and how we work. In short, we are a team of designers who, over the past six years, have scooped numerous awards, including:


  •  2 x IF awards
  •  3 x German design awards
  •  8 x Red Dot awards
  •  Red Dot Best Of The Best Awards
  •  IF Gold Award
  •  Top Innovative Design Team Award

We hope you agree that this watch comes from a team with an impressive pedigree as we design to be different. To help people express who they are. And we hope you see our Z-series timepiece as a worthy addition to our portfolio of top quality products.


 We were lauded as the Top Innovative Design Team at the German Red Dot Awards in 2014. We appreciate the recognition we received from these achievements, and those awards encourage us to continue creating more outstanding products in the future.


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